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  • Junior Lifeguards will be respectful at all times.

    • This applies to Instructors, fellow Junior Lifeguards, and the equipment.

  • Junior Lifeguards will never steal.

    • This includes lunches, uniforms, or any other personal belongings.

  • Junior Lifeguards will not fight or intentionally cause harm to another Junior Lifeguard.

  • Junior Lifeguards will not leave the beach at any time unless they are released to their parent or guardian.

  • Junior Lifeguards will be on time.

  • Junior Lifeguards will not use profanity.

  • Junior Lifeguards will be in the proper uniform.

  • Junior Lifeguards will not throw sand or sticks.

  • Junior Lifeguards will not use electronics (cell phones, iPods etc.) during program hours.

  • All Junior Lifeguards must help during clean-up.

  1. First violation is a verbal warning.

  2. Second violation will result in one of the following; physical conditioning, picking up trash, cleaning equipment, or loss of free time.

  3. Third violation will warrant a parent conference.

  4. Fourth violation will result in suspension, the length of which will be determined by an instructor and administrator.

  5. Any further violations will result in expulsion without refund.


Junior Lifeguards expelled from the program will not be refunded their tuition.

Insubordination of any kind in regards to disciplinary actions will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate suspension and parent conference.


Junior Lifeguards will be expected to participate in all activities scheduled by the instructor. If a child is physically unable to perform any or all potential daily activities, they should not come on that day. Parents will be contacted should their child’s non-participation become a problem.


*Parents: Please print out, sign, & return to your child's JG Instructor

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